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Effective and Efficient Design


Nqonyama Okpanum and Associates provide Development, Managerial and Technical Professional services to society, within the context of human upliftment, and the development of the built environment to benefit all. We believe in a holistic approach when creating building and its context of spaces and those who occupy them.

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Green Future


The extensive NOA team ensures projects are not only executed and managed with success but incorporate sound space planning and respond to environmental needs. NOA is a corporate member of the Green Building Council of South Africa which aims to promote, encourage and facilitate green building in the South African Property and construction industry.

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Research and Development


In our search for excellence, we conduct ongoing research and development programmes that are focused to support the practice and ongoing projects. Dr Okpanum is a researcher and expert in healthcare facility design and has written and published numerous publications relating to accident and emergency facilities in hospitals.

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Technical Equipment


NOA has been working with CAD for more than 15 years. The office was one of the first in South Africa to consistently use computer support in all phases of its work. Today, every staff member has his or her own networked computer workstation loaded with all the latest software to facilitate effective and efficient delivery of projects and work processes.