The structure of our firm enables a dynamic intervention on projects, due to strong and broad array of skills and expertise that each of our members bring to the firm.

Dr Innocent Okpanum (PhD) – CEO

Dr Innocent Okpanum is the founder and director of Ngonyama Okpanum and Associates. After completing his Diploma in Architecture in Genoa, Italy, he went on to graduate with an Italian Doctorate Degree in Architecture in 1984. Whereafter, he gained experience in in designing and planning healthcare facilities, educational facilities, commercial facilities, airport terminal buildings among others. In 2012, he obtained a Doctor in Philosophy (PhD) in Healthcare Design from the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom and went on to become a researcher and expert in healthcare facility design. Dr Okpanum has authored numerous publications relating to accident and emergency facilities in hospitals. He has over 35 years of professional practice and has designed, administered and completed a variety of projects under the umbrella of different consulting firms in Europe and Africa.