Appraisal and Definition of the Projects / Inception

We initiate a meeting of the consultants concerned and the client’s representative. The consultants are united into a design team in which each plays an indispensable part which is subordinate to the whole. During the first stage the design team aims to interpret and analyse the initial brief to identify and weigh all factors that are likely to determine the building form and then to report to the client its evaluation of the project.


Design Concept

After the project is defined, our team in consultation with the client, adjusts and expands the outline brief on the basis of our appraisal report and any client’s comments thereon. The design team now starts to prepare the first design concept of the project on the lines of the brief. During this stage the team aims at achieving consensus about the design concepts to be recommended to the client, from the general to the particular.


Design Development

In this stage the client instructs the design team to develop the design concept and to prepare a final design proposal. He also comments on the design concept report. Our design team begins by studying the comments. Each team member then reports the effects of the comments on his own specialization and accordingly recommends alternative adjustments to the report. These recommendations are consolidated into an amended report and submitted for the client’s approval.



Approvals and Technical Documentation

Any alterations to the design report that the client may require are implemented and their influence on cost and provision of time is assessed. The design team informs the client fully of all the eventualities that can occur during this stage and reaches agreement regarding the methods for obtaining approvals for technical and statutory matters. Drawings and other documents are prepared according to the prescriptions of the relevant authorities and are submitted to them for approval.


Contract Administration and Inspection

The method of obtaining tenders is determined with the approval of the client. We assist the client to understand the importance of finding a contractor whose organization is suitable for the work. On receipt of the tenders the design team evaluates the tenders and reports their findings to the client with their recommendations and a request for the client’s instruction on the selection of the successful tenderer, if any.